How it all began…………..

Over 30 years ago, my lovely wife bought me a Minolta X700 camera as an engagement present. She has regretted not saying at the time that she should get a ring upgrade every time I got a camera upgrade!

I am a self taught photographer whose primary interests are model, portrait, landscape and travel photography.

History and its relationship with the landscape has always fascinated me. Photography allows me to explore this in different ways; be it the impact of time, weather and geological events or the medieval engineers who built imposing castles to control natural strongholds.

Photography has taught me to appreciate how the changing light and weather conditions can transform a landscape in an instant and so one needs to be aware of ones surroundings.

The challenge on how to showcase landscapes with a different perspective has lead to my interest in infrared, especially black and white and more recently colour landscape photography.

Photography has also expanded my interest in travel and exploring places, both close to home and further a field that one might not otherwise consider going.

As I evolve as a photographer, my interests have expanded to include people - especially model photography plus headshots and portrait photography using both film and digital, especially in black and white.

Photo Credit: Jessica Marks